Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weigh Day Sunday

I've officially made Sunday my weigh day. I know I weighed only a couple of days ago, but I've decided that Sunday will be a good day for weigh day. It will be a good start to the week. A good weigh day would mean all the more motivation to lose more; a bad weigh day means all the more motivation to make changes from the previous week. So Sunday it is. Today's weight... 247. A one pound loss from a couple of days ago. I'm pretty excited about that due to the fact that it has been crazy around here and I haven't had time to work out. Just goes to show that I can still lose weight just by watching what I eat. The loss will be even greater when I am able to hop back in to the workout routine.

So the kids start back to school this week. It's time to set out a routine. I think this will be the first real "routine" we've been able to have here in this household in many many years. I have been in school for the last 5 years, so schedule times never matched up, dinner has been hit and miss and alot of "fend for yourself" days. The chores haven't been organized, and laundry only seemed to be done when we needed clothes. I'm going to sit down today and make a schedule for household. I'm pretty excited about this, mostly because I am going to finally be able to have more organized, healthy dinners. I will be able to cook for my family instead of saying, "Mom's headed out to class... You guys grab something out of the freezer to microwave." I've decided that I will go to the grocery store once a week and buy what we need for the week. We won't have a whole lot of "junk" laying around the house to eat for no reason at all. I will have snacks for us to grab, but they will be the healthy ones this time; not snack cakes and corndogs. Ooh... I am going to find the fruit bowl and reintroduce it to the kitchen table. They haven't seen each other in so very long.

I can feel some positive changes on the horizon for my household. This is gonna be good!

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  1. Great job on the loss. As somebody who has always weighed in on Sunday, I'll say that the one drawback is that it's hard to convince family and friends not to go out to eat on Saturdays, and just about any eating-out experience just wrecks my WI.

  2. Life with kids is chaotic in general I think, so I am sure it was doubly so while you were in school. Yikes!
    We just started doing the fruit bowl on the table again too. I love the way it looks there!
    Congrats on the 1 pound loss and good luck getting things organized.

  3. Love the planning / organising you're doing ! Sounds like you're making it hard for you & the family to make unhelpful choices, and easy for you all to make beneficial choices like fruit. Perfect!

  4. I'm so excited about the wonderful changes and experiences you're having. Congrats on the loss!! I'm so proud of you my friend. The changes in your life will be dramatic in the best way possible!

    Great job on the fruit bowl! Very nice. Super plan!

    You know we love you all! When we gettin' together again for a cookout??