Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Better Day

So I didn't really get anything "analyzed" yesterday. I just didn't have time to fit all that much thought into my day. I've determined that "figuring out why" takes A LONG TIME. So my approach yesterday was what I improved. I spent the day working on keeping my calories low like I normally do. Then before I came home, I had a plan. And I stuck with that plan. We were having chili dogs for dinner. So when they were ready, I ate one with a few corn chips, then I consumed my time with other things. Then a couple of hours later, I ate the other one that I had planned on having. I spent some time reading over some material for work. It was a half hour after that when I had a dill pickle (love those things!) Then as a late night snack, I had some grapes.

I would like to thank you for your suggestions. I tried to use busy work so I didn't eat so much and I think that helped. I also attempted to identify how I was feeling when I ate, but I couldn't quite figure that one out. I wasn't bored or upset. I think I just wanted the food. Odd. I'll have to work on that some more. And I kept a positive attitude, knowing that I could control what I did, and it worked!

Today is a new day and another chance to do it again. I'll come up with a game plan sometime throughout the day and I'll be ready for myself by the time this evening rolls around.


  1. Hi! I'm no nutritionist but I bet you could use more fiber in your diet; it really deos help to fill you up. Sorry to say, but those chili dogs ...LOL. Now if you could make some chili with lots of beans, veggies and just a little meat or without, you'd be less hungry and that way you can control sodium too. If you can't cook, don't like or enjoy it, you can still plan some healthy meals and don't forget the ole' apple. I bought my new college grad daughter some cookbooks- she hates to cook and is happy with a sandwich but at least Mom has her using whole wheat bread/buns LOL.

  2. Keeping loads of healthy snacks on hand really help me too. Love NaN's suggestions about more fibre as a filler and the apples - yeah, I love eating apples too!

    I also portion out (well in advance) 100 cals worth of raisins or nuts or seeds - they are so healthy and even the small handful takes a while to eat and satisfies the nibbly craving!

    Well done on finding out what works for you!

  3. It helps me to just s-l-o-w down the entire eating process and really think about the what's, how's and why's of what I'm eating. When I slow it down, I often find that I'm full even tho there's food on the plate. Sounds impossible, I know, but there you have it.

    Good luck, Rach.

  4. Please go back and read my day 24.
    Miss you my friend. When will we all get together again?
    We should have a weight loss summit in your living room sometime and all of us talk about these issues.
    You're a good friend Rach, you have the power to decide.
    How important is this journey for you? Seriously. You have to make it the most important thing. If something, someone, or some emotion is stealing it away from you---You have to fight it off like it's an intruder trying to kidnap one of your children. That's how important this is. Treat it like that.

    You're on your way...and this road gets easier with time and experience.

    My best always Rach--love ya my friend.

  5. No offense to one of your followers...
    But I've lost over 200 pounds eating things like chili dogs.
    Don't complicate this at an early stage. If you want to make better choices down the road, you will, and you will naturally.
    My best always