Friday, August 14, 2009

Becoming Selfish

I am pretty excited about this weekend. Why? I'm on call. I know... I know. It's sounds as though I've gone overboard on the positive energy thing. I haven't. Really.

At work, we are required to have a weekend on-call shift once every 6 weeks or so. Since you have to "work" all weekend long, the following weekend, you get 4 days off. So... I am on call this weekend, which is exciting to me, because I get my first 4 day weekend next week! That will be fabulous!

Weekends are my downfall. I have a hard time motivating myself to go into town to go to the YMCA to workout. I live about 10 miles out of town, and it is quite a chore to get up and go to town what with all the kids and the husband. It seems as though everyone has an agenda, and it's hard to work everyone's plans in. It's not motivation that I lack. It's just easier to forgo my workout than to have to try to fit it in with what everyone else wants or needs to do. However, my unwillingness to try to make everyone else happy is dwindling these days. I have found that I am being quite selfish here lately. Selfish about what I need and want to do for my health and betterment. I think this weekend I will offer to let anyone go with me to the Y that wants to, but I'm not doing anything else while in town. I will go, do my workout and come home. If anyone needs anything beyond that, they can wait until I get home, and we will do it then. There. That feels better. I like that idea.

Have a wonderful day!
Thanks for reading,


  1. LOVE you being selfish isnt bad you have to sometimes, put yourself first!!! miss you wish i didnt have to work so we could hang this weekend, but soon I will have weekends off:-) and you could come walk with me or I could come walk with you...miss you baby you are doing great YOU can do this and just want you to know I am always here for you!!

  2. What she said.

    Laugh out loud, I am doing that.