Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too Hot To Eat

It's hot in here! We have been having some off and on trouble with the air conditioner for some weeks now. My husband has always been able to do some little something to it to make it work for another day, though. Not today. When I came home today it was 102 degrees in the house. The air conditioner worked for a bit after coming home, but only long enough to cool it down to 98 and then it quit working again. Now it's 100 degrees in here. Way too hot to even think about eating. Good for me? Probably, considering I am usually an evening eater. I think I will get in a cool bath and hope for the best as my husband is outside right now trying to make another miracle happen. Perhaps he will get tired of it enough to finally replace it with the other one we have that works. (You know, why do today what we can put off until tomorrow.) (That's my husband's motto.)

So, I went to the Dr. today. Actually, she's not a Dr. She's a Nurse Practitioner. The main difference between a Dr. and a Nurse Practitioner is that a Dr. can perform surgery, whereas a NP cannot. And I think there may be some class 1 narcotics that they cannot prescribe. At any rate, I really like her. She's very nice and seems to know what she's doing. That coupled with the fact that my Pharmacist recommended her. Anyhow, I got the dreaded weight gaining steroids that I needed. The swelling is beginning to go down in my toe. I don't expect to be "back to normal" for another day or two. As long as I can get back to the Y soon, I will be happy. On a good note, I have lost three pounds in the last couple of weeks since I saw her last. It may not be as big of a loss as I would have like to have had, but it was a loss nonetheless.

Ok, I would really love to sit and tell you about how I did not order a Sonic Blast today when the kids had me to stop and get them one, but that cool bath is calling me...

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  1. Oh My dear friend Rach,

    You all pack up and come up here!!! That's dangerous heat. We have plenty of room! I'm calling you!!!!

    I hope your hubby gets that to working right away.

    Great job on the 3 pounds. Positive-consistency wins this deal everytime! You're getting there.
    I hope the toe issue resolves real soon. It sounds painful!
    Great job on resisting the Sonic Blast! Those things are absolutely LOADED, I'm sure of it! A soft serve cone from Sonic is a manageable 180---but I know that you knew that already!!!

    Love ya all---I'm serious, get up here and be cool tonight!!!! Load up, drive, be cool.