Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Something Is Better Than Nothing

I didn't get to have much of a workout today, but I did do a little something. I met my best friend Melissa at the Y today, and all of the machines were taken. Even the weight room was filled with people. We usually try to go around 4 or 4:30, but today our work schedules wouldn't allow us to get out of the office until after 5 pm. So we didn't get to the Y until 5:30. It's the working-man's hour at the Y. It seems as though everyone gets off work and goes straight there. So, off we went, to Melissa's house. She has a treadmill there and some weights and an exercise ball and some other various things. So I walked on the treadmill while she jumped rope and did jumping jacks and hoola-hooped for a while. Then she tossed around a medicine ball, I think it's called and then did some crunches on the ball. At any rate, I think she did more than I did today. I was only able to walk for about 15 minutes before my toe began to hurt, so I had to quit. But, 15 is far better than what I have been able to do for the past week. I expect my toe to be back in full working order within another day or two.

So, I ordered the Cardio Twister the other day. You know, the one on the infomercial that works your upper, mid and lower body. I am pretty excited about it. It doesn't seem to take up too much room so I will be able to put it in the living room and watch the video that comes with it or maybe some music videos or maybe just listen to my mp3. Or maybe I will just work out in silence. I like silence. It really is golden for me. I live daily with someone that makes noise without even realizing it, and I just really like peace and quiet. So hopefully the Cardio Twister won't make much noise. : -)

Ok, I had better rap it up. One of my new calorie count books came in today and I want to read it for a bit before bed.

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  1. Great Job Rach! Something, anything---is always better than nothing! Cool machine you ordered. Is that book blowing your mind? When I first started looking up calorie counts, i was shocked at what I found!!! Some things are just loaded!!

    My best

  2. Way to not let an overflowing gym deter you from getting your sweat on. Sometimes we just have to be inventive...