Friday, August 14, 2009

A Fabulous Workout Indeed!

I went to the Y this evening after work. The 5 O'clock crowd?... Nonexistant on a Friday. Who has time to be healthy when the weekend is here, right? Anyhow, the cardio room was EMPTY when I showed at 5:15 or so. Two other people came in over the course of my workout, but it was nothing like it is on a Monday or Tuesday. So back to my workout. I had decided on a 25 minute walk, ususally about a mile or so. 20 minutes into the walk, my phone hadn't rang, the work phone hadn't rang, so I bumped it up 5 minutes. 29 minutes in, I bumped it up another 5. This kept up until I had spent an entire hour on the treadmill! I walked a total of 2.33 miles today! That was the most awesome feeling! I think it may be the longest I have ever walked in one setting. I probably could have held out for a 5K, but I really did need to go because I had things to do. But I felt like being selfish for a bit and working out much longer than expected... And it was amazing!

I can't wait until weigh day. For those of you who don't have an official weigh day yet, you should. There is something to be said for looking forward to hitting a goal you may have in mind. I think I work out harder and watch what I eat much closer because I want to see a result on a particular day. Now I will be happy with whatever I get on Sunday, don't get me wrong. I just know that I want it more now than I did even a week ago. I don't know how to explain it exactly. You'll just have to give it a try and see what a difference it makes.

Ok, so I'm off for now. I just had to get that out there.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Thank you Auntie Rach! Thank you for reading. I am glad to hear that doing a blog helps you. I am hoping it will help me. I really believe it could, I have been struggling a lot lately. Maybe it will be just the boost I need.

    Keep up the good work!
    2.33 miles on the treadmill! That's AWESOME!


  2. Nice post! Only the really dedicated ones on a Friday afternoon!!! People like you Rach!
    Yes, a dedicated weigh day certainly adds some structure to your journey, and it needs that structure to hold it all together, you know?

    My best Rach,