Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Morning update

The house is cool this morning. My husband is trying not to take the credit for it because he isn't exactly sure what he did to make the AC work, but I know I didn't get out there and tinker with it and make it work, so "Way to go hubby!"

I can walk without much pain this morning! This is incredible! I hope to be back at the Y today and back on track to the most wonderful, exciting journey of all! (I'm just full of exclamation points this morning. This would drive Amder crazy!)

Amber is my dear friends' Sean and Irene's daughter. Their family has also make incredible transformations in mind and body. If you don't already read Sean's blog, you should. He has made amazing changes in the last 324 days. He has the greatest story to tell. His journey began at 505 pounds, and in less than a year, he has changed the way he thinks about food and portion sizes and daily activity. Sean has lost an incredible 194 pounds in those 324 days. And today is weigh day, so he may very well hit the 200 pound lost mark! Good luck, Sean! I know today will be wonderful for you; no matter what the numbers bring! You can read Sean's blog at
I really hope you have the time to check it out. It's well worth the read!

I need to get around and ready for work. I just wanted to give you a quick update about how things were going this morning. And I can't wait to tell you how tonight's workout at the Y goes after work. I'm so excited to be back up and on track again!

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  1. A husband taking credit for something good happening around the house? It's almost too crazy to believe!

  2. Great news about the AC and even better news about your sports injury (I call everything a sports injury these days, lol) being better so soon.

    You are right, Sean's blog is great and his family sound wonderful - how they put up with him I don't know (ha, only teasing)!

    Enjoy the Y!

  3. I'm so jealous that you have a YMCA. Sometimes small-town living stinks!

    Glad your AC is working. Ours broke down two years ago during a 100 degree heat snap and I was miserable.

    I have checked Sean's blog, hoping he'd update us before tonight on his weigh-in. I'm so excited for his weigh-in!