Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That Can't Be Cheese

Yesterday was a hungry day (Darn that prednisone.) I was hungry ALL DAY LONG. I had a lunch at the office which I had planned to eat when I got back in, but I was so hungry that I stopped off and picked up a taco. It's not too much of a waste of calories, and it was good. So I got my morning running around done, went back to the office and stayed for about an hour or so to eat lunch and get some paperwork done. Then I was off again to see my afternoon people. When I went out to my car, one piece of cheese from the taco lay there in my seat. Now, I need you to know, I live in Oklahoma. It's pretty hot here right now. The "cheese" looked and felt the same as it did when it was on my taco. In the 90+ degree heat, trapped inside a car, it should have melted... I don't know what the orange stuff is that they put on my taco, but I don't think it's really cheese. So I think I will forgo the foreign orange substance from now on. If the Oklahoma heat can't touch it, I don't know that my intestines can do much more for it. :-)

I hopped back on the treadmill yesterday for 1 and 1/4 miles. It felt really good to get up a good sweat again.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Makes you wonder huh? I bet the temp in your car exceeded 100 easily. And it stayed the same. Wow. I bet it's a molecule away from being plastic.

    No, plastic would have melted.

    Great job on the treadmill! Feels so good to get a nice hard workout in doesn't it? I'll be doing that today real good. I didn't yesterday. What kind of example is that??


    Thanks for setting a great example!

    My best always--Love ya all,

  2. Scary stuff huh? Sometimes you've got to wonder what exactly is going into our food.