Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Slow and Steady Wins....

Today was a really great day. My workout DID NOT get interrupted! I was very excited about that. I walked on the treadmill for about a mile and three quarters, I think. Then I used my cool down time to jog/run to my new favorite workout song. I wasn't able to jog/run for the whole song today but I think it was because I had walked for so long already. My tired was already achy. I wanted to jog/run early on in the workout, but I knew that I would get my heart rate up too soon and I wanted to be able to keep my heart rate in that fat burning zone. I just kept telling myself that slow and steady wins the race, so I kept my pace pretty even until the end, then I let loose. Great workout today. I really feel good about it.

It's late and I don't... rather I can't be up late. (I'm a grumpy bear if I don't get my sleep. I couldn't keep Sean's schedule. I would end up killing some people.) I am off to bed now. I hope your day was as great as mine. No, I hope it was even better! Take care my friends...
x's and o's


  1. Wow, a mile and three quarters - great workout!

    Well done and keep it up!

  2. Good work-out. I'm having a great day today, just need to get in my work-out this afternoon yet.